Friday, October 5, 2012

Sink or Float Boats

The Titanic floated because it did not have any holes in it.
We had so much fun floating our boats today!  Everyone was a success.  I think that we may have future engineers in the Seal Class!

I think that my boat, the Santa Maria, was strong enough to float in the water.  I am glad that mine floated.

The Caribbean floated because it is light.

My boat, the Cricket, floated because it was made out of plastic.

My boat is a floater because it has a flat bottom.

You know how logs float, my boat is one.

My boat the Caribbean floated because it has a sail.

My boat is called the Santa Maria.  I used styrofoam, sticks and straws.

The Eyeball boat floated because it is light.

I am so excited and happy that my boat floated.

The name of my boat is the Jumbo Boat X60 and the USS Caparso.
My boat is named the S.S. Abbie.

My boat is called Smarshy.
It floated because of the sail.

My boat is the Sunny Sail.  It has trash on the bottom.  I ate a yogurt cup for the seat of my boat.  My mom peeled off the wrapper of the cup.

My boat floated because it is light.  It is called the USS Ethan.  I used an egg carton, straws and cloth.

Sail Matey Go sailed because I made it from Styrofoam. 

The Pirate boat floated because it has a sail.

My boat is light.  It is named the SS Lia.

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