Friday, October 12, 2012

Newsletter October 12

We had another fantastic week in the first grade!  

We are learning about:
  • reading with partners
  • graphing
  • using tally marks to gather information
  • the sound that short i makes in words like pit, dig and tin
  • what good readers do to get ready to read
  • directions on a map
  • stretching our stories to fit across pages
  • reading strategies to help us when we get stuck on a word
  • sink and float
  • insects
  • fire safety


Some activities we did this week:
  • visited Coppal Farm
  • created graphs and had our friends help us to fill them in
  • played the penny/partner game
  • decorated our seal t-shirts
  • created insect clocks
  • did a sink and float experiment
  • wrote a class poem about good friends

Poem of the Week:  Putting Out The Fire
ipad app:   Monkey Math

Upcoming Events:    October 14 Fire Tower Fun Run  If you are able, please join us for the one mile         
                                  fun run!
                                 We will meet in front of the stage at the bottom fields at 8:10.  Wear your t-shirt!

Volunteers:             Monday                 October 15    Donna Marsh
                             Wednesday             October 17    Erin Pompeo  and Elisa Barney

                       Reading with our Partners in 1MM

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