Friday, February 22, 2013

Seal Class Newsletter February 15

Wow, what a fabulous two week we had in the first grade!  We made decorated snowmen, gave and received Valentines, went snowshoeing and even made a cross linked polimer.  Thank you to all of the helpers we had join us in the woods.  I am so proud of the Seals and their snowshoeing adventure!

We are learning about:

  • states of matter
  • fact families
  • the sounds that bonus letters make at the end of words (ss, tt,ll, ff)
  • how to edit our writing to make it easier for our readers to read
  • using fix it strategies in reader's workshop
  • Presidents Washington and Lincoln
  • surface tension
  • using patterns to help us solve harder math equations
  • different ways to show a number    

Some activities we did:

  • wrote lots of stories based on Mo Willems work
  • revised and edited our stories
  • played the fact triangle game
  • ordered numbers
  • measured Chinese noodles and compared and contrasted the results
  • played I Have Who Has with place value
  • created a solid/liquids/ gas book
  • played Sparkle
  • observed a snowman as it changed from a solid into a gas
  • predicted how many drops of water can fit on a penny and conducted an experiment to find out
  • revisited what it means to be a bucket filler
  • learned a new movement song the Dinosaur Rap
  • played a game of Who Knows the Presidents Best?
  • celebrated the end of our Mo Willems unit with an author's party
  • decorated pigeon cupcakes

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