Friday, February 8, 2013

Newsletter February 8

Did you hear about the special visitor we had to the Seal Class?  Mason and his mom shared a house finch that they had rescued.  They had found it in their neighborhood with the help of another SMS student.  They brought her to the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center  to be treated for conjuctivitis.  She spent many weeks getting better before she was able to be released back into the wild.  On her trip home she made a stop at our class.  We learned so many interesting facts about birds and Finches in particular.  Thank you Mason and Mrs. West!

We are learning about:

  • function boxes
  • editing our writing to make it stronger and easier to read
  • doubles
  • the sound the glued letters -ank,- unk, -ink and -onk make in words
  • all thinks 100
  • making change
  • adding with place value

Some Activities we did:

  • painted our Valenine boxes
  • played roll to 100
  • tallied and coin tossed to 100
  • wrote about ourselves at 100 years old
  • exercised to Move to Learn
  • continued writing lots of books based on Mo Willems' craft
  • collected bits of snow and ice and observed how quickly they melted
  • played a new word game
  • had a 100 day parade with our sashes

Ready for the parade

ipad app:  Mo Willems Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App!
poem of the week: 100 Days of School

Monday             Chris West
Wednesday        Lori Rocha, Claire Ellis and Elisa Barney
Friday                Erin Pompeo

100 blocks

Roll to 100

Mystery reader and a book all about a house designed by a little boy!

Miss Viola Swamp and a Froggy book

100 marshmallows

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