Monday, December 3, 2012

November 30 Newsletter

We are learning about:

  • the differences between wants and needs
  • editing our writing for punctuation
  • how authors develop the characters in their stories when they write a series
  • the sound the letter e makes in words like bet, sent, yes and egg
  • increasing our reading stamina
  • stopping and thinking about the books we are reading
  • adding coins together (pennies, nickels and dimes)
  • simple fractions (1/2 and 1/3)                                                            

Some activities we did:

  • practiced for the musical
  • played penny, nickel, dime grab
  • decorated ornaments for our room
  • created winter scenes with pattern block templates
  • wrote about our favorites toys
  • categorized and graphed toys according to whether they had wheels, made noise, cuddled or bounced
  • made suitcases to carry our treasures when we "travel around the world" next week
  • visited the book fair
  • traveled to the Music Hall to see Martha Speaks 
  • compared the character Martha with another dog named Oscar

ipad app:  Spit
Poem of the week:  My Favorite Toys

Upcoming Events:

December 1     8-9:30   Pancake breakfast  in the SMS cafe
December 4    2            This Old Gingerbread House performance for the school
December 5   6:30        This Old Gingerbread House performance for family and friends.
                  We will be joining the 5th grade chorus as they present their holiday concert.  It may be very crowded in the cafe.  You may want to come early to get a good seat!  I will be in the classroom at 6.  Please bring your child to the classroom so that they may  get into their costume and ready for the show.  The children can be picked up in the classroom at the end of the 5th grade production.  We are so looking forward to the show.  It will be a fun filled night!

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