Friday, January 4, 2013

Newsletter January 4, 2013

We had a great first week back from vacation!  Please remember to send in snow pants, boots, hats and mittens.  If it is warm enough, we will go out everyday.  It is far more fun to be able to play in the snow than on the hard top.

We are learning about:

  • reading graphs
  • persuasive writing
  • measuring
  • non-fiction books
  • setting new reading goals

Some activities we did:

  • wrote New Year's resolutions
  • decorated New Year hats
  • wrote letters to our classmates
  • played the dot game
  • made a time line of our school year
  • built 3 digit numbers
  • wrote persuasive letters in our circle journals

ipad app:  story time
Poem: A Sled For Christmas

Monday           Lori Rocha  11-11:30
Wednesday      Jen Dean     12:30-2
Friday:              Robin Walston 9-10

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