Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 11 Newsletter

We had a bit if a sad day in our class today.  We had to say goodbye to our friend Lia.  She is off to a new adventure in a new school.  We wish her the best of luck!

The snow is beginning to melt, however it takes an awfully long time for the playground to become snow free.  It may be a good idea to still pack snow pants and boots.

We are learning about:

  • magic e
  • estimating
  • using the 100s grid to help us add and subtract
  • making ten when adding (8+4=10+2)
  • how good readers use text features in non fiction books
  • why readers choose non fiction books
  • turn around facts

Some activities we did

  • brainstormed ideas about what we could write a  persuasive letters about and who we would send it to 
  • played addition Top It
  • began number scrolls
  • played sight word bingo
  • wrote a letter to Mr. Fosher and Mrs. Ruel persuading them to put a handle on the zip line
  • organized the non fiction books in our classroom library
  • wrote a letter to a friend about recess games
  • used dominoes to create turn around facts in math

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