Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seal Class Newsletter

We are very excited about the holidays in the Seal Class!  We will be stringing Cheerios and cranberries for our hike in the woods this week as well as lots of other fun holiday projects.  We will also get to watch the Teddybear class put on their musical!


We are learning about:

  • holidays around the world
  • the sound short u makes in words
  • l blends (pl, bl, sl, cl, fl, gl)
  • how to add details to the illustrations in the stories that we are writing 
  • the story elements of fiction
  • how authors develop the characters in their stories especially in a series 

Some activities we did:

  • compared and contrasted different versions of the Gingerbread Man story
  • explored the character traits of the gingerbread man/boy/baby/girl
  • measured things in our room with nonstandard things (gingerbread men, blocks, shoes)
  • measured items with a traditional ruler
  • played roll a gingerbread man
  • got our scooter license
  • played catch the gingerbread men
  • continued to write our books
  • became guest readers in our own class

Upcoming Events:

December 20 

 Night Tree hike through the SMS woods   We will leave our classroom at 1:30.  We will   have treats to share at the end of the hike.

December 21  

 Pajama Day!!  Have your Seal come dressed in their comfy pjs.  They may bring a special teddy or other friend to share the day.

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