Friday, May 13, 2016

Friendly Neighborhood Helpers, all about boots and the SMS garden

We had such a busy week in the Seal Class!  We are so proud of all of our friendly, neighborhood helpers.  They were fabulous on stage!
It has been very fun watching the SMS garden take place this week.  It is amazing!  The garden opening is on May 14 from 3-5.  Hope you can come!

Our daytime performance

Nighttime show

Mr Mastin came in to teach us all about how boots are made.  We loved putting the pieces together and especially loved seeing Shaquille O' Neal's size 22 boot!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Polygons, fractions, playground and research!


All kinds of eggs

Happy Birthday!

Maker fest share

Bike to school day

Our classroom caterpillars

and wax moth moth larvae


Watching the prep for the SMS garden!

A little playground fun

Becoming researchers...interesting insects

Wild Weather

All things ocean

Amazing ants

Fantastic frogs

Beautiful Bats

Wellness walk