Sunday, January 20, 2013

Newsletter January 18

We had a winter wonderland week in the Seal Class!  We did lots of snow activities and learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  We also began our five minute math tests.  We will have a weekly test to watch our progress in addition from 1-20.  Have you heard we are singing "old" songs in the Seal class to practice reading fluency?  This week's song is America by Neil Diamond.

We are learning about:                                                          

  • Dr King
  • place value
  • time to the quarter hour
  • persuasive speeches
  • text features in non fiction books
  • the sound r blends (cr, gr, pr, fr, br, dr and tr) make in words
  • 5 minute math fact practice
  • Antarctica and the Arctic

Some activities we did:

  • made magic e words
  • created posters of Dr. King
  • baked rainbow cookies
  • brainstormed word lists that described Dr King and used these to decorate our posters
  • played Jake the snake
  • solved number riddles with base ten blocks
  • played Brain Pop at computers
  • wrote about our dreams for a better world
  • played a new math game Salute

Poem of the week:  Let It Ring
ipad app:  Concentration

Wednesday (12:30-2)   Erin Pompeo and Louise Potorti
Friday (9-10)  Kelly Lord

Upcoming Events:
February 1  Report cards come home.  Please sign and return the envelope.

Wish list:
We will be decorating our Valentine boxes soon.  We would love to have any small  Valentine decoartions that may be around the house (stickers, foam cutouts, doilies etc)

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