Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seal Class September 27

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at Curriculum Night!  

We are learning about:
  • strategies to use to figure out tricky words
  • writing about small moment stories
  • adding details to our writing to make it more interesting to the reader
  • place value with tricky teen numbers
  • insects
  • number stories in math

Some activities we did:
  • created fireflies
  • played Scoot
  • skip counted to music
  • worked with partners on number stories
  • played sight word Bingo
  • learned lots of new Math games
  • practiced giving our name, phone number and address

This week:
Monday          Music
Tuesday        Computers
Wednesday   Art
Thursday       PE
Friday            Library

Upcoming Events
October 3         Fall Field Day

October 9       Coppal House Farm Corn Maze on October 9th  

October 10    Picture day

Homework:  Please read every night.  This is such a special time when you can share in your child's reading growth.   
Practice word sorts. 
Try to have your child log onto IXL math twice a week for 15 minutes each.  I get a report each week that tells me how long your child practiced and which skills they worked on.  Skills to practice are:  


  1. Recognize patterns

  2. Describe patterns


    1. Days of the week
      Months of the year
      Read a calendar


      1. A.1Counting review - 0 to 10
      2. A.2Counting review - up to 20
      3. A.3Counting tens and ones - up to 20
      4. A.4Counting - up to 30

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