Friday, September 20, 2013

Dot Day Celebrations

Today SMS celebrated Dot Day!  We had a day dedicated to making our mark on the world!  Mr. Fosher led a whole school morning meeting teaching us many dot facts and reading the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  We even made a dot outside with almost every student and teacher at SMS!

Our dot day continued in our classroom.  We each wrote about something that we could do to change the world.  We had so many fabulous responses.  They are hanging in our hallway for all to see.  We created pictures out of dots and each made a dotted head band.

This week in the Seal Class....

We are learning about:

  • partnerships in readers' and writers' workshop
  • setting reading goals
  • sit up tall talk (this is when we talk about the books we are reading with a partner)
  • thermometers and temperature
  • how scientists make predications based on the own prior knowledge
  • the different ways that authors may write 

Some activities we did:

  • played Seal class go fish
  • made predictions about what would happen to gummy bears in different liquids
  • documented our gummy bear experiments in our science journals
  • played one more and race to trace
  • began a new chapter book Melvin Beederman  Superhero       

Upcoming events:
  • September 26  Curriculum night 6:30 
  • October 4 First Grade Fall Field Day
  • October 9 Field Trip to Coppal Farm

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