Thursday, February 18, 2016

Seal Class Fun

Happy Hat Day

We are learning about:

  • all things Dr. Suess
  • what happens to water at different temperatures
  • the phases of the moon
  • how to write a convincing book review
  • how to use all different strategies to be the boss of our own reading
  • thinking deeply about the books we are reading
  • telling time to the hour
  • adding two digit numbers
  • Presidents Washington and Lincoln

The Starfish and the Seal classes collaborated on a President's Day mural. We think that George Washington and Abe Lincon look fabulous!

Even Mary Poppins came to visit!

Character day at SMS  It was so much fun meeting so many famous book characters.

Officially bosses of their own reading!

All about books and book reviews

Fancy clocks

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