Monday, March 9, 2015

  • Upcoming Events

  • This Tuesday is our field trip to Portsmouth Music Hall to see the play, "Fly Guy."  Please have your child eat a big breakfast since we will not have time for morning snack.
  • No school on Friday, March 13th due to a teacher in-service.
  • Remember that Friday, March 27th is our pajama day and book swap.  Please have your child continue completing the reading calendar challenge.  Thanks for your support!!!
  • We are excited to announce that we have begun practicing for our 1st grade musical.  This year all the first grade classes will be coming together to perform GO FISH on Thursday, April 2.  Please mark your calendars!  

Last week we:

  • Made shamrocks to decorate our classroom windows
  • welcomed a new friend to the Seal class
  • Brainstormed questions we still have about our five senses
  • played around the world with three dice
  • added two digit numbers
  • Used double facts to help solve other math equations
  • Created  number stories
  • began writing opinion pieces
  • shared our collections
  • learned how to judge fairly

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