Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seal Class News

 We have been very busy in the Seal class!  We are continuing to have fun while we get to know each other and settle into our routines. 

Some activities we did:

  • began reading My Father's Dragon
  • painted seals using our hands and feet
  • found a friend who we had three things in common with
  • learned that great readers set goals and stretch their brains to get ready to read
  • discussed and created class rules 
  • put together our writing folders
  • made a map of my heart
  • wrote about our gummy bear science experiment in our journals
  • began math workshop
  • discovered how different apples browned 
  • played lots of math games
  • talked about expected and unexpected behaviors
  • watched a scholastic news on the bright links board
  • played bug under the rug
  • read for over 10 minutes in reader's worksop
  • learned how to play around the world with dice

Please check our flickr site for additional pictures!

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