Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebrating all things FROZEN! A surprise musical event!
We are learning about:

  • properties of matter
  • adding and subtracting 10 and 20 to numbers up to 120
  • how scientists write the results to a science experiment
  • how good readers use a variety of sources to get information
  • editing our writing

Some activities we did:

  • made OOblick
  • shared our Mo Willems books with our reading buddies
  • played with contractions
  • created our own compound words
  • wrote about our rainbow milk and Ooblick experiments
  • practiced counting coins 

The class continues to amaze me each week with their mastery of the spelling patterns we are working on.  We will continue to practice daily in school and will send home the list as they write them for home.  Keep up the outstanding work Seals!!

We are also giving the class a choice as to whether they bring home the baggies of books or read the ones they have at home.  This is often a time in first grade when the children enjoy the books from home that they have not been able to read independently before.  It is also a wonderful time to start a family chapter book.  They are experts on talking about the text!

O.1Names and values of common coins
O.2Names and values of all coins
O.3Count pennies, nickels, and dimes
B.9Adding doubles
B.13Addition word problems - sums to 18
I.5Write numbers as tens and ones

Upcoming Events:

March 27            Mo Willems homework due  Please send in a baby picture with the first word your    child spoke for our Trixie inspired poster
March 28            Reading Celebration Day!  We will wear our pajamas to celebrate our reading day!    You may also send in up to five books to trade.
April 2                Trip to the Music Hall
April 9 and 16    Early release Parent/Teacher conferences

Rainbow Milk Experiment

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