Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holidays around the world

         We had so much fun sharing our dolls from around the world!  This week we will travel to different countries (or classrooms) to learn about traditional customs  that exist throughout the world...learning traditions through books, poems, and projects. We will pack our "Holidays Around the World" suitcases and learn about traditions in the Netherlands(St. Nicholas Day), Germany, Mexico, and India.  
           As we focus on family traditions and celebrate holidays this month, we will read the book,Night Tree by Eve Bunting. As a follow-up to this story, the students will hike on the trails next to the playground and decorate trees for the animals. Refreshments will be served after the hike. All families are welcome to join us. This activity will take place on Thursday, December 19 at 9:45, and is in lieu of a holiday party.

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