Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19 Newsletter

It was wonderful to meet with so many of you these past two weeks.  It is amazing how quickly this year is flying by!

We are learning about:

  • text sets and how readers gather information from them
  • fractions
  • bossy r in words like park, surf, over and bird
  • details authors put in stories to make them more interesting for their readers
  • symmetry
  • place value
  • the value of a dollar
  • adding two digit numbers
  • 3 dimensional shapes
  • Earth Day
  • recycling

Some things we did:

  • watched a performance by the Lobster class
  • worked with partners to create an informational poster to share with the class
  • continued to work in our all about books
  • explored with fractions
  • played a fraction guessing game with a friend
  • wrote a new blog post
  • created a symmetrical Earth and wrote what we can do to help keep the Earth clean
  • wrote a class book about rocks
  • played penny, dime and dollar trade game
  • participated in jump rope for heart
  • had a visit from the SPCA
  • wrote thank you notes to the SPCA
  • created fractions from our bags of Skittles 

Upcoming events:

June 3 Grandparent's Lunch and author's tea more details to come...
June 6  Field Day
June 18 Field Trip to New Castle Commons  All are welcome to join us!

Fun fractions

Beginning our text set study.

Megan from the SPCA came into the Seal class.

She shared Chocolate Chip and Tidbit, two mice and Scully, a big, fluffy rabbit.

playing guess my fraction

Adding all of the details to the presentation posters.

All about the Ocean

Insect experts

If you need to know about honey bees, these are your boys!

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