Friday, November 9, 2012

The Seal Class is blogging!

We have exciting news... we have officially become bloggers!
Come read all of our adventures as we post throughout the year.

Blogging allows students to publish their work for an authentic audience.

Furthermore, students can explore other Kidblogs and respond with comments or questions. An important thing parents should know about our Kidblog site is that it is totally moderated by me. No post or comment will show up on the site unless I have personally previewed and approved it. An equally important thing for parents to know is that because of the moderation set up, our Kidblog site is visible to everyone. Our students will have a real worldwide audience, and I am sure that comments will be coming in from everywhere. 

Lastly, the students are well aware of their responsibility and safety on the Internet. I could tell from our discussion they know to never use the Internet without permission. Moreover, the students understand they can only use first names in their posts. Again, I will approve all posts and comments for appropriateness and user safety. 

You can access our Kidblog right from our Seal Class bolg. Follow the link to our favorite sights!

The students are so excited to have their very own place to write and have it be read. Please spread the word about our blog to friends and relatives from across the country. This is an opportunity to connect people from all over the world!

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