Friday, September 28, 2012

Seal Class Newsletter September 28

We are learning about:

  • changes that occur in New Hampshire in Autumn
  • the sound short a makes in words like can, man, and fantastic            
  • the best ways to read with partners at reader's workshop
  • adding details to a  finished piece of writing
  • working as a team in a cooperative group
  • adding numbers to 20
  • counting by 2s, 5s and 10s   
  • all of the math that we use in our everyday lives                                                            

Some activities we did:
  • began a new chapter book Dragons of Blueland
  • showed tally marks to 100
  • played Bump it in math
  • created beautiful watercolor fall designs
  • decorated our writing folders
  • worked in small groups to solve math problems
  • played team building games at PE
  • showed 20 in many different ways
  • played a game to tell the difference between words and sentences
  • became scientists and observed a tree on the playground
  • drew details about our tree and did bark rubbings
  • practiced writing our phone numbers

Poem of the week:     Autumn Leaves

Upcoming Events:
October 2   First Grade Family Singalong from 6-9 in the SMS cafe
October 3   First Grade Fall Field Day  all volunteers can come to the gym at 12:30 to help set up for
                    Fall fun!
October 9   Field Trip To Coppal Farm   Thank you to everyone who volunteered to join us on this trip.
                   We had such a tremendous response, we pulled names from a hat.  Mrs. Larkin, Mrs.      
                    Caparsso,  Mr. Lord and Mrs. Dean will be joining us as we make our way through the
                    bunny maze!

Reminders:   Reading folders are coming home today.  The books in the folders are books that we have    been practing a lot.  Please send the folders back to school on Thursday so that we can fill them again.
Next week's spelling list is coming home today. 
Seal class tree 

making bark rubbings

Add caption

scientist at work
scientists have to be observant

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